Locations and venues for corporate events

Our years of experience and professionalism back us up, that’s why we collaborate with the best venues for corporate events in the cities of Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga where CORPORATE Day Off Events will organise your events. We have a team of professionals to tell you and solve all your doubts and advise you when organising your event to choose the best space or venue to suit the type of event you want to hold.

Our packs for corporate events

The rental of these venues and/or spaces is subject to our packs for corporate events where, with a fixed price and no surprises, you will make your event exclusive.

Locations and venues for corporate events in Barcelona

TRIBECA’s Down Town

Loft of 450 m2 in the heart of Barcelona in the most New York style and 100% diaphanous.

Rascacielos en MANHATTAN

A venue with a cocktail area and a very versatile club area with a decoration that will leave you speechless.


Art gallery with a small studio for your event, unique space in the city.

Rancho en TEXAS

Country house with many different areas available to hold unique and versatile events.

MYKONOS Beach Club

The only real Beach Club in Barcelona, ​​the most exclusive summer parties in the city.

Ley Seca en CHICAGO

A place with a 1920s atmosphere, which makes it unique and sets it apart from the rest. Do we travel in time?

Diseño de MILÁN

Old factory refurbished, very spacious and with lots of natural light, perfect for your events.


A unique space on Barcelona’s seafront to hold an event in front of the sea.

Oasis de DUBAI

Multifunctional space with several floors located in the magic mountain of Barcelona.

CHELSEA’s Factory

Art gallery in an industrial building in the city centre with a unique appearance and its own personality.


Located in the heart of the ZONA ALTA area of Barcelona. Special for private or company parties.

Coliseo de ROMA

A multi-purpose space with 2,560m² for all kinds of events. Its enormous dome makes it exclusive.

Capitolio en WASHINGTON

Spectacular terrace in a trendy location with top views of Barcelona.

Desierto de ABU DHABI

Unique location, on one of Barcelona’s docks with breathtaking views of the port.

Loft en SOHO

Very luminous and diaphanous with everything available to create your event.

Flying to the MOON

Unrivalled views with its 360º viewpoint in this perfect space for corporate events.


A space in the epicentre of the city with privileged views of the city centre.

Romance de VENECIA

Perfect location for any of your corporate events. Railway architecture.

Calas de IBIZA

Spectacular space with different areas, swimming pool, chill out, bar.

Regreso al pasado MARESME

Incredible 11th century castle ideal for any of our packs.


Beach club with an incredible terrace to enjoy your events


Very large space with reserved areas and a dance floor.

Locations and venues for corporate events in Madrid

Barco a VENUS

A chameleonic venue in Madrid where you can hold your events.

Vistas con Orgullo en CHUECA

Unrivalled terrace in the heart of Madrid’s Chueca district.

Gran Vía de MADRID

The most innovative space located in the heart of Madrid.

Locations and venues for corporate events in Malaga

DALLAS Buyers Club

Centrally located and well appointed, with a decor unlike anything else that makes it unique.

Semana Santa ANDALUCIA

Terrace with an excellent location. Its views make it authentic for your events.

Café en BEIRUT

On the seafront of Malaga. They have a covered and heated terrace all year round.


Terrace with several different areas, its chillout space is unique.

Would you like to know how to find the perfect venue for your next corporate event? CORP Day Off Events has the perfect venues and spaces for each of your different events with all the details you need, although if you want to read on, we will reveal the keys to choosing the ideal space and guarantee the success of your event. Don’t worry, we will address everything you need to meet your expectations.

What to look for in a venue for corporate events?

Adequate space

The first thing to consider when renting a venue for corporate events is the size of the space. Make sure it is large enough to comfortably accommodate all attendees and planned activities.


A good event space should be versatile and adaptable to different configurations. This will allow you to adjust the design of the venue according to the needs of your event and facilitate different activities such as presentations, workshops or networking.

Location and accessibility

Choose a venue that is well located and easily accessible for attendees. Consider the availability of public transport, parking and other services nearby.

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Terraces for events: a unique option

Terraces for events are an excellent alternative if you are looking for an outdoor setting and a more relaxed atmosphere. Make sure they have the necessary facilities and amenities to ensure the success of your event.

Ambience and decoration

The ambience and décor of the venue are critical to the success of your event. Make sure the space reflects your company’s image and is in keeping with the purpose of the meeting.

Tips for renting the ideal premises

Planning and budgeting

Planning ahead and setting a budget will help you make better decisions when choosing a venue for corporate events. Remember to include the costs associated with the rental, such as catering, audio-visual equipment, among others.

Communication with the supplier

Keep in close communication with the venue provider to ensure that they understand your needs and are willing to work with you to ensure a successful event.

In short, finding the perfect venue for corporate events can be a challenge, but if you follow these tips and make sure you choose a space that suits your needs, you can deliver an unforgettable experience for your attendees. Now that you know the keys to renting the ideal venue, what’s the next step in organising your event? Don’t miss our next articles to keep learning!

Collaborative spaces and premises

* All the premises are collaborative and we do not only deal with the rental of the premises.